Rise from the Rubble

by Keep the Fate

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The song "Rise from the Rubble" is very personal to me. And lyrically, it's a rather interesting concept. The first verse is my ideal future self talking to me now, telling me how good everything could be if i work hard to achieve my dreams, and i believe in myself. The second verse is the opposite. It's my dreaded future self talking to me, expressing sadness, bitterness, and regret towards my past self for not achieving the goals that i set for myself. The third verse is me now, reflecting on how everything has played out up until this point. I get a bit introspective in this verse. Musically, the song has a variety of synth sounds, lots of pianos are present throughout the entire song, as well as strings in some places.


Dear Jake,
I look back now
Extremely proud,
The music that you made when you seemed so down,--
spread seeds in the ground, and bore fruit
so your dreams amounted
to a business that has made
you and others succeed
i hope you know you won't amount,
to a dirt bag, you'll seize the crown
you won't work a mediocre job for much longer,
you'll rise from the rubble,
Find the missing
pieces inside
and complete the puzzle
Which will amount to kids,
a nice house,
and a wife who loves you,
there's nothing in the world you can't achieve
but now you need to hustle.
(or i'll never exist, and i'll forever remain, just an idea, a figment of a dream in your brain)
(but i can exist, you can achieve, just prove the world you're somebody, and go plant your seed.)
You've proven the world, you can be an inspiration, make music that you love
and i'm at my destination, it's not superstar fame, or extreme wealth, but it's happiness,
and that's all that matters in this realm of life that we inhabit, you've been successful but more
importantly you've shown your potential that you thought you couldn't muster
but you saw the light, with the problems that gave your lyrics structure and life.
The same problems that are gone, with a new set of challenges to face
That you've dealt with well, just know, that you're musical talent won't erase
As you age, you'll still play songs that the world will embrace,
Just don't think it'll be easy, for me to exist, the social ladder isn't always easy to climb
Just stay inspired and ambitious, keep an open mind, and your future is yours to decide
You'll meet a beautiful girl one day i promise, you're marriage won't be perfect
but that's ok because, it's the highs and lows of a relationship that make it love
She'll make your bitterness inside towards women become,
nonexistent, which is proof of your strength in which you've seen so much,
through the tears in the past years, the trauma and the sadness you've overcome
It might not be much longer till you see a glimpse of the sun

When all uncertainty falls away,
Which path will you take?
Or will the uncertainty cease to fade
and leave tears on your face
And will you capture those tears
with a pen and paper
and will a flower emerge from the desolate wasteland

Dear Jake, The clouds that blocked, the sun you dreamed of, can evaporate and pour
from the sky, under the rain comes confusion and pain and fear, shame and tears, i wake
up everyday to a job that i hate, an no wife, so i cry myself to sleep alone
Can only tolerate their isolation, till i contemplate hanging myself, in my basement
My patience, for everyones scathing, hazing and hatred, is fading, contemplating it
30 years of the same damn routine, thanks to you fucking your life up with what you
failed to achieve, you burnt every bridge, and haven't moved an inch,
With the journey you promised me from the start,
I wanted love, happiness, and success, not tears, and lying in the dark,
I wanted a wife and children, a job that i loved, with money to provide for them,
You should've worked harder so this is what i could have so at night i don't cry alone in bed.
I swear to god, i'll put a gun to my face and shoot, it's too late for me to make a new life
The world you tried to make for yourself fell apart, that was your only hope to shed light
You'll never achieve anything you've dreamed of, you'll end up homeless in a shelter, strained
You'll end up doing drugs, and cutting more often just to ease the tears and shame
The cutting will land you in a hospital, surrounded by the clinically insane
While your loved ones reminisce on the beautiful child, God abandoned, and couldn't be saved

I'm trapped in the present, neither high nor low
But the bitter intentions, cost me glimpses of hope
But were they glimpses of hope? or just trojan horses
A heartbreak waiting to happen, a mob holding torches
and pitchforks, a tragic mistake ruining my life
But if i don't act sometime, soon i'll feel the bite
But down a road full of people that i'll never meet
actions i'll never attempt, but this isn't the way life was meant for me, i want a moment to look back on, a beautiful memory. I want a wife and child someday, i want love i'm desperate.
It may sound depressing, to say that i'm forever stuck
in the world i created, maybe i'm shit out of luck.
My bitterness and tension, just a fabricated fallacy
An excuse to escape from the coldest of reality
The demons around, whisper the truth in my ear
Made me slit my wrist, crying heavy tears
But when i swallow the blue pill the demons disappear
But only temporarily, will their be no fear.
But the only outlet i have, to express myself
Is the music i make, and the tears i shed
Not the work i do, or the school i attend.
Isn't there an avenue for people like me?
Not just for the people that live by the books and don't dream.
Child thrust into the world, never given a chance to shine
Truth be told, if i can't be who i want i'd rather die.


released August 11, 2014
Jake Fontes - Vocals, Piano, Keyboard, Programming.



all rights reserved


Keep the Fate North Attleborough, Massachusetts

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